Encouraging Girls     to take up careers in STEM fields


Workshops about various STEM fields including Robotics , Artificial Intellingence and coding.


Coding Courses , 1-on-1 learning , Artificial Intelligence , Virtual Reality, Robotics , High school experiments and a lot more 

Affordable rates

Most of the workshops are free of cost , but there is a minimal charge for the courses, which goes towards educating girls in rural areas.

About us

Imagiminds is an organisation to encourage girls take up careers in STEM fields , and provide them with opportunities to learn. We help your child to learn the new age skills in a more effective way , we teach coding while playing games , conduct virtual high school experiments and a lot more. It's not a conventional classroom but a whole experience.Register for a workshop to know more..


Below are some of the courses we offer . 


Learn to code while playing games you would enjoy.Choose a language you would like to learn 

Artificial Intelligence 

Want to built the next self -driving car?or A humanoid robot?This 2 week long course can help you grasp the basics of AI .

Game Development

Do you love playing games? What if you could build one? Join this course and learn to build games from scratch.

High School Experiments

Is COVID-19 preventing you from performing experiments physically? No wories , you can still perform experiments through simulators and have a amazing experience.

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